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"In coming here, I came straight here on the plane...I came here to meet a stranger!"


In 1967, I came from Hong Kong. I came here to especially get married. I had not met my husband before arriving here because we met through letter writing. You had three months, if you don't want to get married within the three months, you can go back. Me and my husband got married and we lived together for 47 years but now my husband isn't here. This is a photo of my husband when he was still in Hong Kong. He arrived here when he was 19 and died when he was 70.

I am from a village, and you know village girls won't go out socialising, you would eat whatever your mum brought home. It was only during Chinese New Year that you would go and see a film. You would rarely go out. This is not the city, this is the village.

But in coming here, I came straight here on the plane. I never even went to Kowloon! I came here to meet a stranger! So when I was young, I didn't know that much and didn’t say that much. I was influenced by him and now I have a lot more to say. Everyone knew him, he was good to everyone. He was very outgoing, very lively. He liked to joke. Even if you didn't want to laugh, you couldn't help it.