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From Wales, Denise Kwan is a British Chinese woman and she is an artist, researcher and lecturer based in London. With a background in Fine Art Sculpture (University of Brighton) and MA Curating Contemporary Art (Royal College of Art), she is interested in material worlds and using experimental and creative methods to explore the lives of women.

Her project, ’Object-Stories of British Chinese women’ explores the journeys of diasporic Chinese women in the UK through their objects and art making. Across London, Denise worked with over 30 British Chinese women for one year. Women were invited to present an object of personal significance for an interview and participate in art workshops where they visually explored the inner affective lives of their possessions.

This project is a part of her doctoral research at the University of Westminster supervised and supported by Dr. Cangbai Wang and Dr. Gerda Wielander on the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Thanks to the Language Acts and World Making, AHRC Open World Research Initiative who have financially supported this project. 

Special gratitude and thanks goes to the Women’s Group at Haringey Chinese Centre and all the women in the project across the two generations who have shared their stories, wisdom and strength.

Thank you to Bethan Morgan (Graphics) and Sha Zhou (Translator) for their help in the making of the ‘Object-Stories’ website.




Denise Kwan是來自威爾士的英國華裔女性。她是在倫敦活動的藝術家、學者和講師。她畢業於布萊頓大學的美術雕塑專業,並獲得皇家藝術學院當代藝術策展碩士學位。她對物質世界,和通過試驗和創意方式探索女性生活頗有興趣。


本項目是Denise在威斯敏斯特大學博士研究中的一部分。感謝Language Acts and World Making和AHRC Open World Research Initiative對本項目的財政支持。


特別鳴謝 Bethan Morgan(圖像處理)和周莎(翻譯)對“物品-故事”網站建設的幫助。

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